9 comments on “Mearescourt Mystery

  1. I’ve being trying to prove this for years, as Willie Small my grandfather told me we are decendentants of the Meares family. So much thanks from the Small Family of Almoritia. We may catch up as it’s Almoritia churches Bicentenry this june.

      • I love your work, you need to call to Almoritia for a chat when you are free, we have monthly services, And during the renovations we accidentially visted our ggg grand family.

    • My Grandfather was William Lewis Devenish-Meares he with his family lived in the Rectory next to St Nicholas church . My mother used to talk about Willie Small, the boy next door. They used to go horse riding this would have been late 1930 s. We have heard about Annie Small, father was John Devenish-Meares. I understand that John was a fourteen year old at the time. My mother confirmed the story that we had heard when visiting Devenish-Meares relations in Sydney Australia. Cecily was related to the Smalls and Rob her husband descended from Matthew Devenish-Meares.

      • Thank you for the message, Mike. This adds another strong piece of credence to the story. I don’t suppose you ever heard anything about the identity of the mother of the child?

  2. Hi, this research has helped me so much! I am related to the Meares family – looking at the family tree’s you have shared I am related to Catherine Devenish 1767 (daughter of Catherine Meares and John Devenish). I had done my own family tree back to around then (1720’s ish) and so this gives me so much information from much longer ago. Thank you so much!! Alex

  3. I understand that she was called Annie Small and that she worked at Meares Court. Her father was the tutor to the Meares Children. Cecily & Rob Fergusson would be able to fill in the gaps.
    I was going through my mothers photographs at the time of her funeral and came across one of her and Willie with a horse. about 1934?

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