16 comments on “Moxhams of Wiltshire

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  2. Very interesting to learn all the details of the Moxhams going way back!

    The Moxham Family tree in Cudham, Kent is some what different to the tree posted – especially the children of Robert Hale Moxham. He had 14 children . I also have a more accurate tree that I could let you have. RHM is my great grandfather.

    • Hello Mary, I wondered if you had seen my earlier, I would love to hear from you because I am descended from the Moxham’s at Cudham through my father. If you have a moment, please do drop me an email.
      Best wishes Lee

    • Hi Mary,

      RHM is also my great-grandfather. His son, Norman Victor, was my grandfather. Would you mind sharing your tree with me? I have significant information that I can share about the Canadian families directly descended from Norman Victor Moxham and Agnes Longbotham. I’d also like to hear from Neil Moxham, if he’s following this thread.

      • Good to hear from another descendent of Robert Hale Moxham – there must be quite a lot of us out there… as he had 14 children!

        I have done some research into Norman Victor Moxham and Agnes Longbotham, including his army service in during the World War 1. Also on the family of Agnes who came from Scotland.

        I am afraid I have not done so well with their children and their families so I would welcome any help you could give me.

  3. Neil, If you are looking for information from Canada Moxhams I am more than willing to share. I am also willing to accept email from others on your sight. Thanks so much for posting.

    • I am Laurie Moxsom from Dartmouth Nova Scotia, we are related to moxham’s from Whiltshire. Also the Moxham’s in Sydney Nova Scotia.

      • Laurie, just wondering about your line there was an Effie Moxham who married George Ballantyne in CB, Nova Scotia

  4. Excited to read this and the following comments as Joyce Chesmond Moxham was my father’s cousin and I too am descended from RHM at Cudham. I would be pleased to hear more particularly from Mary

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  6. My grandfather was Frederick Moxham born in Bradford on Avon in 1882. His father was Frank also born in BoA in 1852. I live in Virginia in the US. We are very probably related to the Irish Moxham’s at some point. If anyone is connected to my great or great great grandfather family any information would be welcomed.

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