9 comments on “The First Moxhams in Ireland

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  2. Neil, my brother Tom forwarded your research and it’s made fascinating reading.
    Well done – I can only imagine the time it’s taken to compile the information.
    Next time our father, Thomas John (Bomber), is in Sydney I’ll show him and with a bit of luck he might know something which helps your search.

  3. Hi Neil, I am descended from the Moxhams in Wiltshire and currently live in Canada. Thank you so much for posting this, every bit helps. If you wish I can also give anyone who is looking info from Canada.

  4. The Moxam family home is now up for sale on the Ratharney road from Abbryshrule. Was named by its last owners “Inny Lodge” Abbeyshrule. But you probably know that as I see you have photographs of Legan bridge.

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